do88 BigPack, Aut, Black. productnummer van fabrikant: BIG-100-S

do88 BigPack, Aut, Black


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This intercooler is constructed to deliver the best cooling efficiency during tough conditions. Exclusively manufactured in aluminum with continuous welds, it guarantees reliability and endurance when you really need it. The increased core volume improves cooling efficiency and lower the intake air temperature. do88 have executed thorough, several and continuous tests developing this product to ensure best performance. Not one compromise has been made. This intercooler is immensely optimized to the given space for an easy drop-in-fitment.

Intercooler piping
Silicone hoses, 4 pcs
Hose clamps, t-bolt, 5 pcs
Hose clamps, stainless, 3-4 pcs

Year models: 1998-2009*
Engine: All four cylinder turbo except V6 and Diesel. 2,0T/2,3T/Aero (B205, B235)

* If you have a MY 1998-2001, some modifications may be required!
- The headlight housing may have to be trimmed to not interfere with the AC-condenser
- The sensor attached behind the intercooler pipe may have to be slightly relocated

artikelnummer: 522BIG-100-S

productnummer van fabrikant: BIG-100-S